Iceland on black

Landscapes & Backstages

Improvised look at the Icelandic landscape. Images taken in different journeys, a basic tour around the island and several walks to deepen into the landscape. Unknown latitude and territory. Iceland is the ununhabited “occident”. A small continent where nature eclipses human presence.

Iceland is a “big island”, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It has about 300,000 inhabitants half of which live in his capital, Reykjavik, and a quarter of the population live in the second city, Akureyri, in the north. The rest of Icelanders are spread out in farms, little towns or small family nucleus throughout the island’s geography, where the population density is minimum. This human trace is visible in the form of wood and veneer, and extends along the island with small prefabricated buildings that are part of the landscape, a landscape that seems conceived for survival.

The Iceland on Black exhibition is divided into two distinct parts: Landscapes and Backstages. Its aim is to seduce, enhance the dream that nature evokes, force us to complete with our imagination the scenes, sometimes infinite and immense landscapes. This small collection of photographs essentially captures images where black is the base on which lies the infinite shades of the island, blue, white, green and ocher ... all combined on the dark layer of lava. Enclosed frames, in different proportions, sometimes isolating the detail, reducing amplitude to emphasize textures and sensations.

Iceland on black are not just photographs of a journey. They are images of what this beautiful, capricious and dynamic island let me see ...

© 2020 by Xavier Erruz

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